Wendy Strgar is the host and executive producer of The Opening Door.  Her radio career dates back to her college days in France when she hosted Le Reve Americain (The American Dream) from Midnight to 2am every Friday night.  Most recently she has grown a significant following on LA Talk Radio on her weekly Lunch with the Loveologist program which launched in 2010.

In addition to radio, Wendy is an award winning social entrepreneur, relationship expert, and writer. She has authored two books: Love that Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy, released in 2010, and Life That Works: How Positivity Reinvents Us, scheduled for release in 2013. She is the founder and CEO of Good Clean Love, a sexual health company that produces organic and natural intimacy products. Her high-quality, healthy products are sold nationwide and endorsed by physicians and sex therapists. She is a well known blogger on the topics of love, sexual health and positivity and the resident Loveologist for several high-profile sites including Care2.com, Huffington Post and Elephant journal. She is a sought after speaker and her work has been featured at many events, including the Bioneers Conference and the Seattle Green Festival.

A skilled workshop leader, she captivates audiences with her disarmingly simple yet wise tips for attaining the skills for making love sustainable and creating a more positive consciousness. She offers workshops focused on love and positivity for cancer survivors,  and high school students in Lane County. Her award winning blog www.makinglovesustainable.com is read by millions of people each year.